Nepal is a country rich in its natural scenic as well as ethic and different indigenous cultures and their heritages. Prospect of observing these elements from grass level leaves tourists intriguing and would provide a very different special experience than that of normal city life.


Whether it’s country capital Kathmandu Valley whose hoods and streets are mixed of ancient and historical buildings, monuments and temples along with modern residency or it may be lake city Pokhara whose vibe is very different than that to Kathmandu or Lumbini- birthplace of Buddha or Illam-tea estate or Chitwan- rich dense forest and wildlife reserve. These cities are name to few and all have their own unique landscape, custom & culture. Yet these tours are only some fraction of what Nepal has to offer as there are still other famous places like Gorkha- birthplace of King Prithivi Narayan Shah, Nuwakot durbar- ancient palace, Dhulikhel & Nagarkot- which provides glimpses of mountain ranges beautifully and are very near from KTM city, also there are old villages and towns like Bandipur, Shakhu, Panauti, Chitlang, Chisapani, Balthali, Nuwakot, Dolakha, NamoBuddha, ChanguNarayan.


Nepal is the second richest country in water resources. There are many waterfalls, rivers and lake in the country whose water sources are mainly great Himalayan ranges that this country is blessed with. Therefore, Nepal hosts many waterfalls, rivers and lakes which originate and flow on different altitudes. Some of these are accessible by road transportation whereas to reach other one’ll have to trek. Rara is the biggest lake in the country and is accessible through road transportation.


Forestry and greenery are found abundantly in Nepal and is something to loose yourself in, if you are searching for any kind of break from your hard and tough life-schedule. These forest would inspire you to gather some fresh and positive energy which will undoubtedly freshen up your mind. Forest reserves like Shivapuri, Nagarjung, Sisneri, Bhardev, Sundarijal, Chimteshwor etc. gives you pleasant time, chilling your eyes with beautiful greenary at day while starring stars gives unending thought of imagination and splendor.



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